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February 13, 2010

California Foreclosure Timelines And California Short Sale Timelines

Stressed Sacramento Homeowners Looking for Options Ask; What Is The Actual California Foreclosure Processing Time? Sacramento Short Sale Specialist Forth Hoyt Reports: Sacramento Short Sale Information […]
January 30, 2010

Benefits Of A Short Sale From Short Sale Specialist

As a Sacramento Short Sale Specialist, I am constantly being asked about the benefits of a short sale… Strategic short sale or strategic foreclosure? These are […]
January 16, 2010

Sacramento Short Sale Specialist Gives Explanation of the Short Sale Process

[youtube][/youtube] . . . . Welcome to the best source for short sale advice and short sale information in the Sacramento area!  Like the Neville Brothers… […]
January 13, 2010

Short Sale Unplugged

Sacramento Short Sale Expert Report By a Certified Pre-Foreclosure Specialist, Forth Hoyt Sacramento Short Sales now 21.5% of Market Sacramento’s Short Sales have taken over the market!  And […]
December 23, 2009

HAFAP: New Government Short Sale Guidelines- Newest Help For Sacramento Short Sales

GOVERNMENT SHORT SALE GUIDELINES The Newest Government Foreclosure Acronym- HAFAP or Home Affordable Foreclosure Alternatives Program will definitely bring some strong incentives for lien holders to […]
May 13, 2009

Foreclosure Options FAQ’s for Real Estate Short Sales

  What is a short sale?  The Preliminary Basics: Defaulting on mortgage payments can be a difficult situation. Many people find themselves falling into default, or […]