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December 5, 2010

New Deficiency Protection For Sacramento Short Sales; SB 931 Protects All First Mortgages

Sacramento Short Sale Certified Specialist and Folsom Certified Short Sale Specialist reports: When Governor Schwarzenegger signed SB931 last October, California was set to become SHORT SALE […]
February 13, 2010

California Foreclosure Timelines And California Short Sale Timelines

Stressed Sacramento Homeowners Looking for Options Ask; What Is The Actual California Foreclosure Processing Time? Sacramento Short Sale Specialist Forth Hoyt Reports: Sacramento Short Sale Information […]
February 12, 2010

Sacramento Short Sale Specialist Reports 38% Of Sacramento Homes Upsidedown

      Short Sales– They may be our only way out. Banks are still postponing all but around 15% of Trustee Sales. Not taking homes […]
January 30, 2010

Benefits Of A Short Sale From Short Sale Specialist

As a Sacramento Short Sale Specialist, I am constantly being asked about the benefits of a short sale… Strategic short sale or strategic foreclosure? These are […]
January 29, 2010

Short Sale Approval and The “Killer File”!

Professional, Systematic, Sympathetic, Understanding Support and Advocacy. That's why we are leaders in Sacramento area Short Sale Aprrovals
January 29, 2010

Sacramento Short Sale Expert Report: Short Sale Advice for Sacramento Area Homeowners

Short Sale Effects on Credit Effects of distressed home ownership on credit; short sale vs. foreclosure- what’s the difference? Why go through all the hassle? Why […]
January 22, 2010

Treasury Dept. says loan modification picture is improved

Here's relevant news for January 18, 2010. Treasury Dept. says loan modification picture is improved Jan. 16, 2010, Los Angeles Times After a month of intense […]
January 22, 2010

Hardship Letter for Texas Short Sales

The goal of the hardship letter is to have the seller explain their situation to the bank The hardship letter should communicate three key points
January 22, 2010

Texas Short Sales Financial Information Required for Dallas Short Sales and Houston Short Sales

A lender is not simply going to take your word that you can no longer afford your home You must provide backup financial information to them […]
January 22, 2010

Sacramento project signs up nonprofit senior housing

On the third floor of the parking garage at Sacramento City College, developer Paul Petrovich stands with the Curtis Park Village site sitting in the abandoned […]
January 22, 2010

Area existing home sales fell 2.9% in ’09

Existing home sales last year in Sacramento County and the city of West Sacramento fell 2.9 percent from 2008 as bank repos became a smaller part […]
January 22, 2010

Sacramento County home prices turned upward in 2009

New December statistics paint 2009 as the year when Sacramento County home prices finally ended a dramatic four-year free fall. Median sales prices for new and […]
January 22, 2010

Schwarzenegger proposes tax credit to spark new home building

Victoria Bradshaw, the state labor and workforce development secretary, says the tax credit plan will create jobs in the construction industry. More than 20,000 California homebuyers […]
January 22, 2010

Sacramento, Central Valley bankruptcy filings soar to all-time high

Bankruptcy filings in Sacramento and the Central Valley soared to an all-time high in 2009, up nearly 50 percent from 2008’s totals, figures from the U.S. […]
January 22, 2010

Home Front: Some economists not buying proposed homebuyer tax credit

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s proposed new $10,000 homebuyer tax credit is thrilling the The Hoyt Group Real Estate universe, but don’t think it’s a done deal. Opponents, […]
January 16, 2010

Sacramento Short Sale Specialist Gives Explanation of the Short Sale Process

[youtube][/youtube] . . . . Welcome to the best source for short sale advice and short sale information in the Sacramento area!  Like the Neville Brothers… […]
January 13, 2010

Short Sale Unplugged

Sacramento Short Sale Expert Report By a Certified Pre-Foreclosure Specialist, Forth Hoyt Sacramento Short Sales now 21.5% of Market Sacramento’s Short Sales have taken over the market!  And […]
December 23, 2009


Well First of all, Let’s just quickly define short sales: A real estate short sale is a sale of property in which the sale proceeds fall […]
December 23, 2009

HAFAP: New Government Short Sale Guidelines- Newest Help For Sacramento Short Sales

GOVERNMENT SHORT SALE GUIDELINES The Newest Government Foreclosure Acronym- HAFAP or Home Affordable Foreclosure Alternatives Program will definitely bring some strong incentives for lien holders to […]
July 24, 2009

Free Foreclosure Avoidance Counseling

Foreclosure Advice From a Sacramento Short Sale Specialist  Homeowners: where do you go for foreclosure advice? Go to someone you trust, find a reputable and highly trained […]
May 13, 2009

Foreclosure Options FAQ’s for Real Estate Short Sales

  What is a short sale?  The Preliminary Basics: Defaulting on mortgage payments can be a difficult situation. Many people find themselves falling into default, or […]