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Selling Your Home:

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Options for Home Owners:


  FROM : https://reverse.mortgage/ ask the servicer By Ryan LaRose In normal, or traditional “forward” mortgages, provisions in the loan documents for the death of the borrower are not often utilized. Given that the reverse mortgage product is designed exclusively for older adults, it’s imperative that reverse mortgage industry professionals are familiar with the standard processes of what occurs once the...

Inherited / Probate Properties:

Probate Personal Representative; Please Read

      Are you the Personal Representative of an Estate?   Have you recently opened a letter like this?   Here's what I first want to say: I know you are certainly a family member or loved one.  I want to extend to you my deepest condolences.  I hope to be able to communicate to you how I really do want to help relieve...

First Time Home Buyers:

Find Out If a Home Has Mello Roos Here: Look up Mello-Roos in Tri Counties quick tool

What is Mello-Roos?  It is actually the nickname that the Community Facilities Act of 1982 is commonly known by, it is the last manes of the two authors of the bill- The Community Facilities Act was a law enacted by...

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