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Probate Real Estate Learning Center:

The Steps To Execute A Probate In California

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Options To Foreclosure:

Folsom Short Sale Specialist Announces Debt Relief Act Extended

California state Taxes after short sale Folsom Certified Short Sale Specialist: what about California's Mortgage Debt Relief Act? Short Sales, Foreclosures and loan modifications are still non taxable events as far as federal taxes are concerned... the Mortgage Debt Relief Act of 2007 provisions have been extended. Mortgage Debt Relief Act of 2007 generally allows...

Sacramento Shortsale & Foreclosure News:

Short Sales in Sacramento are up in 2015

  Short Sales in Sacramento are certainly up lately,California short sales and foreclosures up 2.2 percent Q1 2015 and as I look for reasons I come across information showing that Short Sales in California as a whole are increasing. Sacramento Short Sales are...

California Foreclosure Law:

Short Sale Seller’s Tax Break Ends 2013

Is there Tax due after a short sale? Mortgage Debt Tax Relief To Sunset? When does the Short Sale Seller's Tax Break End? Troubled Sacramento homeowners who's short sale closes after Dec.31, 2013  will still  get a break from...