Short Sale Can Be Win-Win-Win For Seller, Buyer, and Lender

A successful short sale allows a homeowner with financial hardship to sell their home for what the market will pay, satisfy their mortgage, minimize credit damage, and avoid paying realtor commissions and closing costs.
While short sales were virtually unheard of only a few years ago, now the majority of lenders are negotiating and closing these deals. This is because short sales allow lenders to recoup more than they can from a foreclosure sale and in a shorter period of time.
With lenders more motivated to sell than ever, homes can often be purchased at a discount to their current market value. With some patience, buyers can achieve the dream of homeownership at a bargain price via a short sale purchase.
The issue is that the lenders want the right type of deal with exactly the right paperwork and most agents are completely unaware of what the lenders want. This is why the majority of short sales are either not accepted or take so long to close that buyers walk away. As a Certified Distressed Property Expert and short sale specialist, I know how to submit a package the lenders will want to close.