Why Use An Agent When Buying New Construction?

Why Use An Agent When Buying New Construction in?

Why Use An Agent When Buying New Construction in the Sacramento area?

Buying Sacramento Area New Construction Home?
Why Use An Agent When Buying New Construction?
Would you let the opposing team pay the referees salary?
How about going to court and agreeing to use the same attorney as the opposing side
Of course not!
Isn’t that Kind of what you are doing, when you let the builder’s employee represent you in the contract? Doesn’t it make sense?
And your  New Home Specialist Agent’s fees are paid by the seller!

Isn’t is great to know that now you have someone on your side who has been through hundreds of transactions? An agent with years of experience in new homes sales to represent you? Better yet, isn’t it unbelievable to know this representation will cost you nothing? I’ll explain how in a moment, but having us represent you does not cost you a penny!
This is your answer to “Why Use An Agent When Buying New Construction in Sacramento?
Buyers never know this, but when you “sign in” at a new construction home builder sales office without representation, you are actually waiving and relinquishing the right to ever be represented if you ever purchase a home from that community at any time in the future!
You see, when you buy a new construction home in Sacramento, you’ll be entering a business transaction with someone who has done thousands of new home sales before (advantage builder), the sales agents at the new homes community are employees of the builder (advantage builder again)! See our fee is paid for by the builder’s marketing budget, not the construction budget, so it does not effect the profit or loss of the home, and we will put you in a MUCH better position and give you more leverage to negotiate on a new home!
Sacramento New Home Specialist Agent Will Save You Money On A New Home! That’s right! Get your own New Homes Agent!  I’ll explain in a moment how and why a New Home Specialist Agent will cost you nothing and will undoubtedly get you in a much stronger negotiating position! You owe it to yourself to work with your own specialist! Buying a home is a business transaction first and foremost and you should have someone on your side to represent you in the new home transaction, you and only you.

So again… the builder has agents that work directly for them (the seller).  You need a New Home Specialist Agent to represent you and your best interest as the new home buyer.  Look for an agent or team of agents with years of experience in new home sales, new homes construction, with the experience of hundreds of transactions and references from happy past clients.
Your Sacramento New Home Specialist Buyer’s Agent knows the industry, knows the sales agents, talks to them regularly and learns of special pricing, incentive programs, how close builders are to reaching sales goals and objectives etc.
So we know how to represent you, what the seller is looking for and can save you THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS! We learn about deals that have fallen out of escrow and can be snapped up at a bargain, with a QUICK CLOSE! we know the lender incentive programs, special builder concessions that will be allowed, and which sales teams are being the most aggressive week by week … and NONE of these things are going to be  volunteered by the builders sales rep! Why would they? I mean doesn’t that make sense?
We may also recommend certain types of inspections to be done prior to closing, as a contingency in the contract.  Speaking of contracts and paperwork- everything must be in writing and it is considered a legal contract once all parties agree.  With all of the forms, disclosures, documents, and legal-ease, you would certainly want someone to explain it to you and what your obligations are as the buyer/purchaser, right
We also know the incentives and concessions given in the past, the new homes sales person isn’t going to tell you these “secrets!”
Buying a New Construction Home in Sacramento? Let us here at The Hoyt Group New Construction Division show you how we have helped others beat the builders! Allow us apply for the job of representing you! 916-248-7777 or email [email protected]!