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Current Trends in Pennsylvania Foreclosures and Real Estate

Although many states saw rates of foreclosure completion decline in March, a handful of states saw rates rise, including Pennsylvania, where foreclosures were up Pennsylvania has a comparable foreclosure inventory to the national rate as measured against total available distressed real estate inventory

Property Flippers Getting Flipped Off Foreclosures

During the real estate buying balderdash investors enjoyed from the late 1990s into the early 2000s, purchasing distressed real estate was commonplace, especially in large portfolios The concept was simple: Purchase devalued land or property at massive discounts, renovate as needed, and then flip the finish product off the portfolio for a major profit before the market normalized

Taking a Closer Look at the Advantages of Foreclosures

Many people would look at the concept of foreclosures as something so negative However, what they do not realize is that there are several advantages that people would find in foreclosures than just losing homes, both for the property sellers and buyers

Now Is the Time to Buy Foreclosure Properties

Stringent laws for foreclosures are already in the works as Kamala D Harris, the attorney general of California, pushes for debt reduction on homeowners' mortgages in hopes of reducing foreclosures If you are hoping to find a cheap house to buy, now is the time to do so Now would be the time because at least before the number of foreclosed properties is likely to drop because of the approval of such proposed laws

How to Prepare for an REO Sale in Seven Simple Ways

You know you have the perfect house to sell Your Broker Price Opinion (BPO) listings are practically screaming to be sold You have already overseen repairs and seen to the fact that the house looks great You even did a little landscaping on the yard, just to give your potential buyers an idea of what the home will look like

Wrangling the Foreclosure Network Getting Through Customer Service

If you are dealing with a big bank, chances are you spend hours waiting for the customer service representative on the other line to pick up the phone You are probably frustrated because you get transferred to multiple departments or hate the impersonal robot who patiently tells you which department to choose Here are some tips to get through and get the most from your bank's customer service hotline

Is Selling an REO property a good fit

Are you looking for a way to supplement your income in a big way? Then selling Real Estate-Owned (REO) or bank-owned properties may be just the thing for you You may be asking yourself, is selling repossessed homes something I can do?

Foreclosure Feeling Dealing with Real Estate Depression

Are you feeling depressed because of the market? You are not the only one Dealing with the amount of foreclosures and the fall of the real estate market has caused a rise in depression (as much as 37 percent of people facing the foreclosure axe) and yes, even suicides among the affected

The Highest Foreclosure Rates in the U S

While foreclosure rates at the national level are seeing better figures, some areas do not seem to be going along this trend Indeed, some are even moving in the opposite direction and are actually rising up

Differentiating Between Inexpensive and Undervalued Properties

The foreclosure tsunami has started to subside and the prices of foreclosed properties have begun to stabilize After the burst of the U S property bubble in 2008, the national economy is now beginning to show some significant signs of recovery despite the fact that the prices of homes remain relatively low compared to the pre-bubble burst The subprime meltdown has forced many Americans into foreclosure, while others have resorted to selling at less than the appraised value to settle their mortgages and at least still make some money in the process For most homeowners who are caught in the property bubble burst, selling before foreclosure is the best option