Foreclosure Help/Goverment Programs

Government programs are available to help homeowners make  informed decisions in these troubling times.
Queen Latifah, Hope Now™ and Fannie Mae join forces to avoid foreclosure

In most cases, your Bank or Banks are merely servicers, they only collect and service payments. Over 70% of the time they have sold the note “up line” to different investors… The notes are sold and resold on the Secondary Market Regularly. The programs available to you vary depending on who owns your note.
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Or take the  first step yourself  to determine the options available to you: see if your note owner can be determined early…  Does Freddie or Fannie own your note?

Obama’s Newest Home Affordable Loan Modification Program may give you a Loan Moodification for a 90-day Trial Period.
Here in California, more specifically Sacramento, the overall picture of the options available to you will be much different depending upon many, many elements. Whether the loan/loans are Recourse or Non-Recourse; “Purchase Money” or “Non-Purchase Money“;  your own  personal financial situation, which Banks/Servicers are involved,  the amount of time that you have been involved in negotiations and local real estate market conditions are all elements taken into consideration by the Servicer and Investor.
These transactions are never the same.  Every situation is unique, each transaction and occurrence is an individual event that must be negotiated on its own.
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Goverment Programs:
Making Homes Affordable
Home Affordable Modification Program Guidelines
HUD’s Guide to Avoiding Foreclosure
Freddie Mac’s Guide to Avoiding Foreclosure
HUD offered Foreclosure Counseling
Click here to ask a Sacramento Certified Pre-Foreclosure Specialist to review your situation
What is the Goverment doing to fix our economy?
Recovery Act of 2009
Financial Stability Plan