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New Construction Homes in Folsom, Reasons to buy new!



Over the last several months,  in this highly competitive Folsom real estate market,  we have asked our buyers: “Have you ever considered New Homes in Folsom?”

The answers have been from “are there any New Construction Homes in Folsom?or  “what New Homes in Folsom?” to “Oh we could probably never afford a new home in Folsom!”

Well, more often than not, buyers are surprised to find that yes, there are several new home builders in Folsom and all new homes in Folsom have surprising upgrades, energy efficiency, (and savings), and many other benefits over the resale homes.

New Construction Homes in Folsom are Back and better than ever!

It’s common sense that there are some things you just can’t get with new homes and we will cover them later but for now, lets talk about why so many buyers have been impressed with the new home developments in Folsom.

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In this series of posts, I will explore Five New Home Builders in Folsom and their separate communities.  Here you will  also discover the many great things about the City of Folsom and our community along with some history and some little known facts. such as: Did you know that Money Magazine, Newsweek Magazine, and Business Week Magazine all named Folsom one of the best places in America to live, work, and play? Yep! look it up! It’s true!

The first New Home Builder in Folsom we are featuring will be a DR.Horton’s Turnstone in Folsom. This is a  Folsom New Construction Home Builder who we just closed a transaction with today! Our buyer was actually a  referral from another new home construction company employee, who I have known for some time.  They had known each other for years, Heidi, our buyer (not her real name) came to us with specific wants and needs and in this current market, with such limited choices, I knew we were going to have a hard time finding what she was looking for. We always mention New Construction Homes to our buyers, but like most, she wasn’t sure if she was interested… One quick trip out to a few builders, and she was hooked!

As I always do, I talked to my Executive Assistant, Cindy Twyman, who also runs They Hoyt Group’s New Homes Division, told her about Heidi and asked her to give her a call and talk to her about the New Homes  Available in Folsom. She was immediately impressed with Cindy’s knowledge and insight and agreed to go look at two of the New Home Developments in Folsom that had models that met her needs.

Luck for my clients, Cindy has 12 years experience in New Homes Sales, she knows many many of the New Homes Sales Agents in the area, the sales managers, the construction superintendents, etc. and knows the ins and outs of the new homes business at such a high level, she has trained the rest of us here at The Hoyt Group how to structure offers that are a win-win, giving our buyers the best price, the most options and best terms, while also making friends by making the builders look good as well!

So let’s start here at DR Horton’s Folsom Development, Turnstone.

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