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Folsom Short Sale Specialist Agent Reports Folsom Short Sales

Folsom Short Sale Specialist Reports

Folsom Short Sale Specialist Reports Short Sales In Folsom July 2012

We have seen a huge decrease in overall homes available in Folsom, From over 150 homes available every month a year ago, to less than 70 homes per month available this year!

The July Folsom Short Sale Report shows short sales in Folsom are now finally closing faster than they are being listed- new Folsom Short Sales have been reduced by 74% year over year!

1 month 1 year
June 12 July 12 % Change July 11 July 12 % Change
For Sale 12 13 8.3% 50 13 -74%
Sold 23 20 -13% 25 20 -20%
Pended 20 36 80% 29 36 24.1%


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How to Stop Folsom Foreclosure Sale Date with Folsom Short Sale Specialist

Or are you working a strategy to finally take advantage of the situation you have found yourself in? You see, there are many Folsom Short Sale Listings being sold quickly and closing quickly.

Mortgage Debt Relief Act Extended News
Mortgage Debt Relief Act Extended News

We are the Short Sale Specialists in Folsom! Let’s visit about your particular situation! Contact us Today At Forth Hoyt’s Sacramento Short Sale Center

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