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El Dorado Hills Short Sale Information By Short Sale Specialist


HAFA Short Sale

HAFA Specialist Forth Hoyt Explains HAFA Short Sale's Cash For Keys Program


As an El Dorado Hills Certified HAFA Specialist, I frequently answer Questions About Cash For Keys with HAFA’s Short Sale Program  , And The HAFA Update And Extension And Extension:


Many homeowners feel they really have nowhere to get El Dorado Hills Short Sale Information. I have been talking with a past client here in El Dorado Hills, CA about their options to stop foreclosure on their home.  They have been in constant contact with their bank for the past several months, trying their best to stay in their home; they have tried unsuccessfully to do a loan modifcation.  The bank has turned them down.

Do you have one lender? Two? Even three? They all must be participating in HAFA! Do You Qualify?

Let’s find out! Call us today- 916-316-3810

Give us five minutes, we can find out whether you are eligible for HAFA’s Recourse protection and HAFA’s $3,000 In Cash For Keys (Relocation Assistance)

They know I am a Certified HAFA Specialist, so they contacted me about the new HAFA program, which has been extended and updated recently. Of course the first thing they asked was “Am I Eligible For HAFA?”.

We quickly found out that they were indeed qualified and I started the paperwork for their HAFA Short Sale Cash For Keys: $3,000 To The Homeowner immediately. . After months of stress in trying to stay, they said they are relieved now to understand the Government HAFA Short Sale Program and how easy it is to do a HAFA short sale on their El Dorado Hills home.

As a Certified El Dorado Hills, CA HAFA Specialist, I answer many questions about HAFA Short Sale Cash for Keys to El Dorado Hills sellers. And Now that the Treasury has updated the HAFA Short Sale guidelines; HAFA Extension and Update, Homeowners do not need to live in the home and can even still be current! (most investors/servicers require homeowners to be behind in payments in order to qualify for a Successful Short Sale in El Dorado Hills).


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