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Roseville,CA HAFA Extension and Update ALERT

Certified HAFA Specialists Are Trained To Close Your HAFA Short Sale in Roseville, CA!  Roseville Certified HAFA Short Sale Specialist Forth Hoyt reports Roseville HAFA Extension and Update.


The Roseville, CA Real Estate Market has become a Short Sale Hotbed… HAFA is making Short Sales Easier! Roseville HAFA Certified Short Sale Specialist and Expert HAFA Short Sale Negotiator Forth Hoyt Explains The Benefits Of HAFA.

A moving, evolving and improving system; The HAFA Short sale Program is definitely getting better and better, moving towards becoming the solution it was supposed to be when it was first rolled out.

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You see, the HAFA Government Short Sale Program was created in the wake of a Failing HAMP loan modification program which is only providing less than 5% of its applicants with any type of successful modification.

…and of those 4% of homeowners that are successful, less than 3% ever receive any type of principle reduction to their loan

-so less than 1 in 100 loan modification applicants get what they need as far as a long term, sustainable solution…

So you can see why the government had to step in and attempt to set up a program that would streamline and systematize the very hard to manage and difficult Short Sale Process.

HAFA is a last-ditch effort to keep homeowners out of foreclosure, after failing a loan modification attempt.

Designed by the Administration and funded by the Treasury, The HAFA Program, which took effect April 5, 2010, provides servicer, seller and Investor (whoever actually owns the note) benefits.

When HAFA was first introduced, these servicer, seller and lien holder incentives were touted as being designed to simplify and streamline the use of short sales and deeds-in-lieu of foreclosure. A great deal of hoopla and fanfare over the new program made it sound like the HAFA program was going to be the short sale Garden of Eden.

What a joke-

What are the HAFA Benefits? Can I Do A HAFA Short Sale in Roseville? How Do I get Started Doing HAFA? Who Can Help Me Do HAFA?

At first I was personally talking sellers out of using HAFA because I’d had several terrible experiences with the program, so even though I was one of the very first HAFA Certified Agents in the Roseville CA Area, I would steer my clients away from it because it was a waste of time and in our declining market, it nearly guaranteed that the homeowner would end up with a foreclosure on their credit-

However, in the last several months there have been major changes to the HAFA program and the way it is being administered and currently I have six HAFA short sales that are moving along nicely and look forward to an approved HAFA short sale in just a few days.

Am I Eligible for HAFA? FIND OUT! I am a Certified HAFA Expert

Am I Eligible For HAFA?  We can find out in Five Minutes!! Call me Right Now! 916-316-3810

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