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How Do I Do a HAFA Short Sale?

Certified HAFA Agent

Certified HAFA Agent in Folsom

HAFA Short Sales are beginning to finally work!  As a Folsom and El Dorado Hills Short Sale Specialist, and Certified HAFA Specialist I frequently get asked “how do I get in the HAFA program?” or “How do I do HAFA?” “Is my loan eligible for HAFA?” “How do I find a HAFA certified agent in Folsom?

My answer is really simple, no matter who your bank is or what your situation is: Call Your Bank(s) and see if your loan(s)  is/are HAFA Eligible

If you have a first and a second; both loans have to be eligible for HAFA… so if one does and one doesn’t, it won’t work…

Want HAFA Information?

Read HAFA Guide And HAFA News Here

Once again- here are my easy, 2 step HAFA EligibilityProcedures:

Step 1)

Call Your Bank-

tell them you want to do HAFA- they will tell you if your loan is eligible-

Step 2) Find a Certified HAFA Short Sale Agent

Are you in , or any other Sacramento area? We really are here to help!

More Questions About your Situation? Talk To A Certified HAFA Foreclosure Prevention Expert Today!

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Find if you qualify for your 1st or 2nd Lien Modification Program (2MP) harp

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