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Short Sale Agent in Folsom Reports Why Short Sale Escrows In Folsom May Be Failing

1 month 1 year 15 months
Jan 11 Feb 11 % Change Feb 10 Feb 11 % Change Dec 09 Feb 11 % Change
For Sale 78 67 -14.1% 43 67 55.8% 30 67 123.3%
Sold 11 15 36.4% 12 15 25% 15 15 0%
Pended 30 54 80% 12 54 350% 17 54 217.6%

Just look at the numbers! Short sales in Folsom going  pending are going through the roof!  Why are the number of short sales that actually close lagging?

Folsom Certified Short Sale Negotiator Forth Hoyt shares Folsom Short Sale Information and insights into the Folsom Short Sale  Market

Folsom Short Sales going pending (being approved by the bank) are dramatically increasing. But at the same time, the number that actually close escrow and are ultimately selling to new homeowners has been lagging.

I keep talking about this on my blogs and I still think why Short Sale escrows are failing has a lot to do with buyers walking after banks approves the short sale-

Short sale buyers are notorious for writing offers on multiple properties, even though they know they can only buy one.

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