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Chase Outreach Short Sale Program Helps Sacramento Investor

Chase's new Short Sale Outreach Program Pays Owners To Participate-And Stay Out Of Foreclosure!

Chase's New Short Sale Outreach Program Pays Owners To Participate- And Stay Out Of Foreclosure!

Can You Short Sale your Home With A Chase Loan? Chase Bank Has a New Short Sale Outreach Program

A last minute Google search for Sacramento Certified Short Sale Specialist brings me another Sacramento Short Sale and helps another borrower avoid foreclosure!

Has Chase Contacted You By Mail With Information About The J.P. Morgan Chase Short Sale Incentive Program?

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I was contacted yesterday by an investor who owns a Short Sale A triplex in North Sacramento  in the 95838 Zip Code.  She frantically explained that she needed to get her property listed ASAP because her bank (Chase) had contacted her and enrolled her in the new JP Morgan Chase short sale outreach program. In their communication she said they told her they could stop the foreclosure sale (that was to be held THE VERY NEXT DAY ;which was today at 1:30 p.m.)  as long as she could  fax them a listing agreement. They explained the Chase Short Sale Incentive Program, stating they would postpone the trustee sale and pay her $20,000.

She had been in contact with another Sacramento Short Sale Agent at the end of last week and had an appointment for him to preview the property and take her listing- The agent never showed.  She panicked and called the bank- they told her the only way they could postpone the sale was if she sent them an executed listing agreement.  She explained the situation; that her short sale agent hadn’t showed and asked for help- the negotiator encouraged her to look online for a Certified Short Sale Agent.

She did- and minutes later I got the call…

Chase has become on of the first banks to aggressively pursue homeowners and enroll them in their proprietary short sale program. According to an Short Sale Outreach negotiator who I talked to yesterday, the program is mostly for  loans that are Chase loans originated by Washington Mutual (WAMU) and  are classified as “Neg-AM” or “Pick-A-Pay”, and/or “Option-Arms”.

The negotiator (her name is Tosha) told me these are mostly “portfolio loans” or loans that are actually owned by Chase and Chase knows that the short sale solution is by far the quickest, most cost effective means to get these bad loans liquidated, off the books and turned back into cash.


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Take action, find out more about your options and learn if you are eligible. If your situation is urgent, or you have further questions, feel free to Contact us Today At Forth Hoyt’s Sacramento Short Sale Center

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