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Sacramento Short Sale Specialist Adds Newest Short Sale Certification: Certified HAFA Specialist

Certified HAFA Specialist Designation

Certified HAFA Specialist Designation

Sacramento Short Sale Specialist and Certified Expert Short Sale Negotiator Forth Hoyt adds yet another Short Sale Training Certification!

Looking for a Sacramento area HAFA agent? Well, you’ll never guess what I’ve recently done;  I have completed the training for HAFA and added another Short Sale Certification!  Can you believe it? I’m going to run out of room on my business card!

I just added the Certified HAFA Specialist Designation from the California Association of Realtors…  I am now one of the very few Sacramento area HAFA Certified Specialists!

You might wonder; does that really matter?

If you are talking about the little letters behind my name; no they really don’t matter. Other than letting people know that I am definitely well educated in everything short sale, they don’t make any difference at all. But if you are talking about the short sale knowledge, short sale education, short sale training and collaboration with other short sale experts that those little letters mean, well that’s a different story.

You see, I’ve found that if you are a struggling, stressed out Sacramento area homeowner, facing one of the toughest financial times in history, those little letters do mean something!  I know that homeowners who are fighting off a bank, struggling to stay out of foreclosure in Sacramento or just looking to better their families’ financial situation, they are definitely looking for answers from a Sacramento pre-foreclosure specialist.

Looking for someone who will understand your situation and take the time to explain your options?

Contact us here at Forth Hoyt’s Sacramento Short Sale Center

Let me explain and lay out your many  foreclosure options and the consequences of the foreclosure decisions you must make.  I can help you take control of your situation, educate you on the latest foreclosure alternatives and get you in touch with the best legal and tax advice around.

Questions on your particular situation?

Contact us Today At Forth Hoyt’s Sacramento Short Sale Center

Questions on Why to Short Sale?

Short Sale VS. Foreclosure …Tough Decisions Facing Sacramento Area Homeowners Today

Need information on the newest government anti foreclosure programs?

New Government Foreclosure Prevention Program Eligibility- Which Programs Do You Qualify For?

Here is some information on the Certified HAFA Speciaist Designation from C.A.R:

With 45 pages of forms and guidelines, the new HAFA Program is critically important but complex. Don’t miss your opportunity to understand HAFA and apply it to help distressed consumers. Grow your business by learning the ins and outs of a HAFA transaction, including details on the HAFA process, timelines and documents. Become a ‘Certified HAFA Specialist’ now!

Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac recently announced their Home Affordable Foreclosure Alternatives (HAFA) program policies and guidelines, which are mandated for implementation by all Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac loan Servicers starting August 1, 2010.  The GSE’s implementation of HAFA should be a major catalyst for further growth in short sales, particularly HAFA short sales in 2010, 2011, and 2012 while the HAFA program is effective.

HAFA, which mandates deficiency forgiveness and provides $3,000 in borrower relocation support for qualified transactions, is the most pro-consumer program available and every short sale should first be evaluated for HAFA eligibility.

While the GSE version of HAFA is similar to the non-GSE version of HAFA, there are significant important program details specific just to the GSE version of HAFA. Visit GSE HAFA program information to view some of the unique aspects of the GSE HAFA programs.

How you will benefit from taking this course:

Real estate professionals completing this certification program will be eligible to receive available HAFA program and Servicer updates for one year after registration.

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