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How To Short Sell Your Sacramento Home

Stop Foreclosure! Call A Short Sale Specialist!

Stop Foreclosure With A Short Sale! Call A Short Sale Specialist!

Short Sales In the Sacramento metro area including Sacramento Placer and El Dorado Counties are finally becoming a legitimate, viable option to foreclosure.   It is finally becoming common for  homeowners to stop foreclosures With Short a Short Sale in Sacramento.

Pended and/or Approved Short Sales in Sacramento, Placer And El dorado Counties  are becoming a viable way to stop foreclosure

Pended and/or Approved Short Sales in Sacramento, Placer And El Dorado Counties Are Becoming a Viable Way to Stop Foreclosure!

As you can see, the number of Approved Short Sales (short sales that go into pending status in our MLS system are short sales that have been approved by the bank or servicer.  Short Sale Approval Letters are the result of hard work and diligent, professional persistence by a short sale negotiation specialist, who is usually the short sale listing agent

“So How Do I Short Sale My Sacramento Area Home?”

Well, you will want to understand short sales in order to understand foreclosure.

It will be helpful to study California Foreclosure Time lines And California Short Sale Time lines.

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Foreclosure And Short Sale Timelines

Homeowners Trying To Stop foreclosure In Sacramento

It is also helpful for homeowners to understand that  stopping foreclosure with a short sale takes diligence, persistence and follow-up. By working with a Sacramento Short Sale Specialist and a Folsom Area Short Sale Expert and Seasoned Short Sale Negotiator, you will increase your chances of stopping foreclosure, staying in the home longer, reducing the damage to your credit and staying in control of your destiny, your exit timing, and maybe your sanity.

I visit with folks all day long, who come to me through referrals, past clients, business relationships, Internet readers, and even people who call or email asking for information on my homes for sale, who are struggling with mortgage payments in the Sacramento Area that are too big, banks that will not reduce principle balances, and the realization that they could be upside down for years and years and years on what is supposed to be their biggest financial foundation.

It’s nice to say we seem to be heading to a more predictable, stable market, where we can more predict time lines, with more predictable values and predictable outcomes to our offers, even if most of the homes sold are either going to be Foreclosures and Short Sales.

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