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Folsom Foreclosure Help And Short Sale Information; Folsom Short Sale And Foreclosure Report

Folsom Short Sale Stats Show Short Sale Approvals In Fpolsom Coninue To Increase!

Folsom, CA 95630 Short Sale Stats Show Short Sale Approvals In Folsom Continue To Increase!

Folsom Short Sale Help and Folsom Short sale Information.

Short Sale Stats for Folsom from Folsom Anti-Foreclosure Specialist and Multi-Certified Short Sale Expert Forth Hoyt. 

Short Sale Approvals in Folsom and Pended Folsom Short Sales Continue to Surge!  …yet closed short sales in Folsom are still way behind.  Where’s the Disconnect? Either failed or delayed Short Sale closings!

Folsom Certified Short Sale Specialist Answers: Why Do A Short Sale?

You can see from the graph above that pended short sales (short sales go pending immediately after third party Short Sale  approval) have really surged, yet the number of closed short sales are not keeping up.

See the chart below to see that in may, there were 20 short sale approvals (pended Short Sales) in Folsom, but only 13 of those Short Sales closed in June, (Sold).  So there were either escrow delays or they fell out of escrow. We’ll see in a few days when July’s Short Sale Statistics are released.

1 month 1 year
  May 10 June 10 % Change June 09 June 10 % Change
For Sale 65 57 -12.3% 54 57 5.6%
Sold 19 13 -31.6% 12 13 8.3%
Pended 20 49 145% 15 49 226.7%

So Short Sales in Folsom May be getting some traction and finally providing a viable Anti-Foreclosure Option to Folsom Homeowners.What Is A Short Sale?

It is interesting to note that while banks, servicers, lenders, investors and (especially) the government are all trying to come up with programs to keep homeowners in their homes and avoid foreclosure, they have not been able to come up with any kind of foreclosure solution that will keep people in their homes…  Not willing to do principle reductions on more than 2% of all loan modifications, short sales seem to be the way the industry and government are all directing people to stay out of foreclosure.

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With all of the focus on keeping people in homes, you would think that foreclosure filings would be down. They are not. Foreclosure Trustee Auction Notices in Folsom have Gone Up. Many many times, Folsom homeowners in foreclosure ask “how do I short sale my Folsom home and Stop the Foreclosure? Are you a Folsom Homeowner who needs to find a short sale agent in folsom? Find out today! 

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See the Map below to see the Folsom Foreclosure or Trustee  Auctions that have been noticed just in the last month or so… (most are within 21 days).

Folsom Foreclosure Auctions 7 25 10

The Investors, servicers and lenders have been postponing these trustee auctions for some reason or another at a rate of nearly 90% some days.  Not just Folsom foreclosures, but for the entire state of California so the number of foreclosures in Folsom that actually go back to the bank in Folsom or become Folsom REO properties have been pretty stable: they range from the 50’s to the 80’s and have been doing so for a couple of years. These bank owned homes include properties now on the market, also those in eviction status and/or being repaired to get ready for MLS.  The number of Bank Owned properties in Folsom that are on the market for sale in our MLS has also stayed very stable- from the low twenties to the high thirties usually, occasionally REO inventory in Folsom can be as high as the low to mid forties, but then reverts back to the normal range usually quite quickly.

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