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Orangevale Short Sale Information And Statistics

Orangevale Short Sale Specialist reports Statistics For Orangevale Short Sales

Orangevale Short Sale Specialist Reports Statistics For Orangevale Short Sales

What Is Going On With Orangevale Short Sales?

1 month 1 year
Apr 10 May 10 % Change May 09 May 10 % Change
For Sale 30 23 -23.3% 32 23 -28.1%
Sold 5 8 60% 11 8 -27.3%
Pended 28 25 -10.7% 12 25 108.3%

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As the graph and the chart show, Orangevale short sales that were being approved and going pending short sale started a strong trend in March and April, nearly doubling the previous high water mark.  Pending Short sales in Orangevale then slightly declined for May.  What is kinda disturbing, is that the number of closed short sales in Orangevale have not been increasing and actually have never eclipsed the previous high.

What is happening? check out his article that talks about the same issues

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