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Sacramento Certified Short Sale Specialist Reports May Sacramento Short Sale Statistics

Sacramento Placer and El Dorado County Sjhort Sale Statistics For May

Sacramento Placer and El Dorado County Short Sale Statistics For May '10

The Short Sale Bottleneck

Short Sale Statistics for the Greater Sacramento Area Including Placer County Short Sale Statistics, El Dorado County Short Sale Statistics and Sacramento County Short Sale Statistics for May 2010

The Banks Are Finally Saying Yes, But Short Sale Transactions Still Aren’t Closing!

1 month 1 year 15 months

Mar 10 Apr 10 % Change Apr 09 Apr 10 % Change Feb 09 Apr 10 % Change
For Sale 6539 6792 3.9% 8507 6792 -20.2% 9852 6792 -31.1%
Sold 2306 2033 -11.8% 2338 2033 -13% 2014 2033 0.9%
Pended 3214 4305 33.9% 3292 4305 30.8% 2546 4305 69.1%

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Short sale approval but no closed escrow?

Even though they are getting approved, getting them closed seems to be another story!  In the Sacramento Tri-County area, the number of new short sale listings coming on the market have stayed fairly stable for the last six months or so, but the number of pended short sales, or short sales that are approved by the bank, and actually open escrow have gone way up. These transactions, after sometimes months of being “on hold” can now open escrow and get started with their property inspections and getting the loan finalized for the buyer.  But now, this part of the deal is where we are having problems.

The bottleneck has moved!

Now that we have actually got some traction of the banks approving these short sales, is still takes a long time, and that causes many problems for buyers, so now, many transactions are failing…

The reasons for this are many;

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