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Sacramento Short Sale Expert Answers: How To Apply for HAFA


HAFA Guidelines, Timelines and Qualification Process

HAFA Guidelines, Timelines and Qualification Process

There are a number of government anti foreclosure programs available to provide you with solutions.  Are you  looking for Government guidelines?  Check Your Eligibility Now

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Certified Sacramento short sale specialist and certified HAFA short sale negotiator Forth Hoyt presents:

How to Apply for HAFA

Homeowners interested in utilizing foreclosure alternatives under HAFA are instructed to contact their lender if they meet the government short sale eligibility requirements and inform them of their desire to participate.

After April 5, 2010 — when HAFA activates — participating lenders should preemptively contact their eligible borrowers within 30 days, either after they meet eligibility requirements or after April 5, 2010. Eligible homeowners will be sent, either preemptively or by request, a Short Sale Agreement that will outline the terms and conditions of a short sale specific to the homeowner.

Homeowners and real estate professionals are encouraged to examine the following documents (updated March 26, 2010) important to the short sale process:

Homeowners and real estate professionals interested in seeking solutions through a deed-in-lieu of foreclosure should examine the following HAFA form (updated March 26, 2010):

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