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Strategic Walk Away, Short Sale or Foreclosure in Sacramento.

Underwater Homeowners are  Walking Away

Strategic Short Sale Strategic default And Strategic Foreclosure Are On the Rise

HAFA , HAMP,  HARP, 2MP… Government Programs … Check Your Eligibility Now.

How Many Sacramento Homeowners Are Contemplating “Strategic Default” or “Strategic Foreclosure”? Lenders and Servicers May Start Paying Homeowners To Stay Put!

Let us help you with this decision! Ask about our Loan Mod, Short Sale Analyzer! We can can quicklycalculate how long it will take to “GET BACK TO ZERO”.  Get HAFA and HAMP help in Sacramento At Forth Hoyt’s Sacramento Short Sale Center!

Last fall,  Loan Value Group L.L.C.of Rumson, N.J., rolled out a program that it will offer to lenders and mortgage servicers that will help identify borrowers who are most likely to engage in what’s come to be known as a “strategic default.” Once the likely candidates are found, they will approach them pre-emptively and  money that they would get at a later date if they satisfy the terms of their loans.

How Do I Strategically Walk Away in The Sacramento Area?

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