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Folsom Short Sales Continue To Increase Share Of Market Mix



Folsom Short Sale Graph shows short sale trends for folsom

Folsom Short Sale Graph shows short sale trends for folsom

Folsom Short Sales Increasing in Every Status


I was just doing some research for a listing apointment I have later today here in Folsom, and stumbled upon some Folsom Short Sale Statistics that might surprise you…

One stat that might come as a surprise is the ratio of Short Sale pendings, and closings to the number of new short sale listings per month. For the month of February, there were 43 new Short Sale Listings in Folsom, and 34 went pending and 12 closed escrow. So 79% of new active listings went pending in the month of February, and 27% of  new short sale listings sold.  Remember, these are not necessarily the same homes, just a representation of the numbers as a percentage.  

Contrast that with non REO and Non Short Sales; these are homes of sellers that have wquity and are non-distressed sales. last month; February, saw 103 of thew non distressed listings come to the market and only 45 went pending and a measley 18 closed escrow.  So these percentages are pendings are 41% of new active listing, and solds are 16% of new listings.  

The other treand that was interesting for me was the number of closed short sales.  With two days still left in the month, there have been 16 residential Folsom short sales that have closed escrow and the sale recorded. This is already (even though there are only two days left) the largest number of closed short sale per month ever in Folsom.

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