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Sacramento Short Sale Process To Improve With New Government Short Sale Process

Another Sacramento Area Short Sale Expert Report

When will it really start to help Sacramento area Short Sale Sellers?

New Government Short Sale Process will help stop more Sacramento area foreclosures

New Government Short Sale Process will help stop more Sacramento area foreclosures

I’ve been so excited about the new Government Short sale program. But the improvements have been so slow- April 10th is when I understand the servicers will have to comply, so they only have a couple months left to get their act together! 

Fourteen servicers, including the five largest, signed contracts and began modifications and refinancings under MHA. Between loans covered by these servicers and loans owned or securitized by Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac, more than 75 percent of all loans in the country are now covered by the Making Home Affordable Plan. In light of the fact that some homeowners still can’t afford their homes after a loan modification, the government is now creating a program that would encourage banks to accept a short sale or deed-in-lieu rather than foreclosing.

Why do banks want to Avoid Foreclosure?
The simple fact is that foreclosed homes deteriorate-  They decline in condition after the foreclosure because no one is maintaining them. But unfortunately, short sales are still taking longer to process than they should and first and second lienholders can’t get along and in many instances, many second lienhiolders lenders are resistant to approve short sales. Find ourt if your situation and hardship will allow you to qualify by getting pre-approved for a short sale.
Details of the New Government Short Sale Program
Basically the government will offer banks and homeowners cash incentives for initiating and accepting short sales and deed-in-lieu agreements instead of foreclosing. Lenders will now have only 10 days to approve or reject a short sale once a complete package is presented. 

  • Servicers may receive incentive compensation of up to $1,000 for successful completion of a short sale or DIL.
  •  Borrowers may receive incentive compensation of up to $1,500 to assist with relocation expenses.
  •  Treasury will also share the cost of paying junior lien holders to release their claims, matching $1 for every $2 paid by the investors, up to a total contribution of $1,000 by Treasury.

They have also out a streamlined short sale process to help short sales close faster. Right now it can take at least 2 months to close a short sale. 4-6 months is typical.

Who Will Qualify
The qualifications for Making Home Affordable still apply. You must be eligible for a loan modification under the current plan, but unable to meet the new payments. In the Sacramento area, only 8% of HAMP loan mods are actually working to provide a long term solution. Failure is common because many borrowers have seen payments stay the same or even go up after fees and past due balances are tacked onto the loan balance. Under the MHA  plan, you must be the owner-occupant of the home and be current on your payments. The original plan only modified loans up to 105% of the original loan amount. It’s unclear whether the new plan would include homes that have lost significantly more value, which is typically the reason for the short sale in the first place.

Will it help Sacramento Short Sales?
Sacramento Area Short Sales should get a boost from this program- the question is; how long will it take for banks to actually comply? Tune in next year and find out!

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