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Sacramento Foreclosure Report For January 2010

Foreclosure Filings

Foreclosure Filings

 Sacramento Certified Pre-Foreclosure Specialist Reports on Sacramento Area Foreclosure Activity, Statistics, Sacramento Foreclosure Information and More

Sacramento Area Foreclosure Activity dropped dramatically in December, There Were 1,742 Notices of Defalut in November ’09 and only 1,434 in December ’09. Satewide, we saw nearly the exact thing, especially when looked at on a daily average basis. For example; While California Notices of Default dropped 17.5 percent in aggregate, they actually dropped 32.5 percent on a daily average basis due to the fact that December had 22 days where docs were recorded, versus 18 in November.

What’s that mean?

Sacramento Area Short Sales will be big in 2010!

If Sacramento area homeowners are struggling as much as they are nationally, there should be a huge increase in NOD filings, why isnt there?  Becouse banks are goig back to as many people as they can contact and offereing them the HAMP program, but most of them are failing




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