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Short Sale Approval and The “Killer File”!

Getting A Short Sale Approved

Organized Short Sale Files

Short Sale Approval = We build a killer file!!

Perfect documentation and organization, a great  short sale package , lots of open communication, early morning calls and emails (many servicers are back east)…

Systematic processing and organization, great follow-up, friendly service and open dialogue are all qualities of a great short sale specialist team. Forth Hoyt’s Short Sale Department at The Hoyt Group is consistently churning out short sale approvals.

Working with servicers, banks and lenders all day every day to get short sale files approved.  That  is what The Hoyt Group at the Folsom Keller Williams Office does. Professional, courteous and open communication along with efficient and timely  servicing, processing and completion of requested reports and tasks are all reasons why The Hoyt Group’s short sale success rate is in the 90% range- As long as we get a file started on time, and maintain cooperation  with the homeowner, WE CLOSE THE DEAL AND GET THE SHORT SALE APPROVAL.

Servicers and Lenders Want a Great File!

A professional, effective and well oiled short sale processing system; that’s exactlywhat servicers and lenders  have come to expect from Forth Hoyt’s Short Sale Department at The Hoyt Group . We have one opportunity to impress the lender with a strong, complete and well organized short sale file. That initial step will go a long way towards determining the lenders position on approving your file.

Lenders are very slow at taking properties back through foreclosure; the administration is pressuring lenders to stop foreclosing and do more short sales,but they will not approve just any short sale file. When your short sale file is submitted  by Forth Hoyt and The Hoyt Group for approval, we have already developed a great strategy and well defined plan for gettn your bank to approve the short sale.

We add professional, human contact

It’s all about the relationship! Just like any other business transaction, the short sale will be approved or disapproved based upon the numbers, but we also strive give every file a face and and a story- we will get to know you and understand your situation, tell your story, be your advocate.  Servicers are people too- we will be sure they know the struggles and strife’s you and your family are going through. People can’t help but be influenced by the troubles being faced by others. 

Professional, Systematic, Sympathetic, Understanding Support and Advocacy.  That’s why we are leaders in Sacramento area Short Sale Approvals!

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