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Folsom Short Sale Specialist Help and Advice Report

Pending and Sold Short Sales in Folsom have nearly doubled…while active Short Sale Listings have stayed fairly stable…

Short sales in Folsom are closing faster...

Short sales in Folsom are closing faster...

As a Folsom  Certified  Short Sale Specialist here in Folsom and team leader for Folsom’s #1 Short Sale Agent team, I am Certified to negotiate with your bank.  I lead Folsom’s most successful real estate short sale team as Folsom’s #1  certified short sale agent. I have definitely seen a difference with the systems and procedures involved in getting a short sale approved.  Folsom has seen an increase in short sale approvals and a steady amount of active short sales.

1 month 1 year 2 years
Nov 09 Dec 09 % Change Dec 08 Dec 09 % Change Dec 07 Dec 09 % Change
For Sale 36 30 -16.7% 42 30 -28.6% 23 30 30.4%
Sold 12 14 16.7% 7 14 100% 3 14 366.7%
Pended 20 38 90% 6 38 533.3% 5 38

Folsom Short Sales

With more and more people feeling the pinch of slow economic times, drastic housing value reductions and Adjustable Rate Mortgages coming unlocked, it is surprising to me that there are not more short sales on the market here in Folsom.

We have one of the strongest markets in the Sacramento Metro Area here in Folsom , with home values in Folsom in the under $350,000 price range really holding stable and even moving upward in some neighborhoods. Even Folsom Short Salesin this pricerange are finding great stability

Folsom will definitely be seeing short sales for a long time, though, as many neighborhoods, built in 2004-2008 are underwater by over 85%.

More Questions? Sacramento Short Sale Help is here when you need us!

With the new HAFA program that the treasury is promoting to servicers, which requires a ten day answer to short sale requests, short sales in Folsom will surely become more like traditional real estate and will also start affecting peoples credit scores less and less; as they will be approved quicker and thus sellers will miss less payments before Short Sale Approval and escrow being closed.

Sacramento Short Sale Help – I am here to answer your questions and educate you on your options!

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